Hi! My name is Samu Marquez. I was born in a small mediterranean island called Menorca. After graduate in a Computer and Network's Vocational Education and Training (VET) I worked as a computer technician, mounting, installing and repairing computers and making web pages for small companies for 3 years. After that, and still living in the island, which basically lives about tourism and there wasn't future in the computer's world, I changed my job and started working in a kitchen's hotel, that I allways liked cooking. There I met my wife from japan who came for hollidays with a friend. I moved to Japan and continued working in Spanish and Japanese restaurants. In 2020 in the pandemic of corona, the restaurant where I was working closed temporally and I used that time to study IT again, I learnt HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript and React, MySQL. I'm still working in a Japansese Izakaya as a cook, while I keep studying in my free time and working as a freelancer at Tsunoda Styilings. If you need a webpage or your company needs a frontend web developer, contact me!


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